The Heritage of Irish Jewelry

The Heritage of Irish Jewelry

The origins of Celtic Jewelry dates back to between 2000 BC to around 550 AD. Celtic craftsmen used gold and silver to create beautiful jewelry adorned with Celtic Symbols.

To the Celts, symbols played a vital role and had incredible meaningful power in their lives. Symbols deeply reflect Celtic belief and tradition. The Celts believed that everything important in the world came in three. The three dominions of earth, sky and sea. The three ages of man. Stories behind their symbols have been carried on from generation to generation, allowing Celtic Heritage to live on.

Saint Brigid’s Cross

The Celtic symbol of infinity and eternity.

The Claddagh

An ancient Irish Love Symbol

The Shamrock

The national flower of Ireland

The Harp

The celtic symbol of Immortality of the Soul

Celtic Tree of Life

‘Crann Bethadh’, the link between Heaven and Earth

The Triskele

The symbol for the flow of nature

Celtic Cross

The celtic symbol of Faith

The Celt’s passion for golden trinkets and fine jewellery is well documented, as is their talent for metalwork and goldsmithing.

The jewellery styles of the ancient Celts and styles influenced by the Celtic people are interesting and appealing to people all over the world. This is undoubtedly largely due to its beauty but for many, it is also due to a feeling of kinship.

Materials used in Celtic jewellery include pewter, sterling silver and gold. The ancient Celts were fierce warriors who at one point inhabited many European countries. They were a military force to be respected and in ancient times ransacked Rome and many other Roman and Greek cities.

Today, the term Celtic is used to refer to the people of what are considered the Celtic nations. Ireland is a Celtic nation, whose people have earned the nickname ‘The Fighting Irish’. This is somewhat incongruous as Ireland is a neutral country and her people prefer singing, dancing, storytelling and poetry to fighting.

Celtic red-haired girl

Celtic Birthstone Collection

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