Irish Hallmark: Dublin’s Assay Office

Dublin’s Assay Office
Dublin Castle - The Irish Hallmark

Since the 17th century, Dublin’s Assay Office has been testing the country’s fine metals to ensure it is quality assured. Dublin’s Assay office is situated in the historic grounds of Dublin Castle, which is where our jewelry gets the stamp of approval.

The Assay Office has a highly sophisticated, state-approved laboratory where all of Ireland’s testing and hallmarking of precious metals; gold, silver and platinum takes place. The Assay Office does not assess the quality of precious stones, such as diamonds.

The Assay Office hallmark contains a number of elements, including the Hibernia mark which is the stamp of the Dublin Assay Office and shows a seated lady, along with some digits guaranteeing the precious metal content — for example 18ct gold or 750/1000 is 75% gold and 25% other metals.

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